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Sandro Botticelli-Italian painter of the Early Renaissance

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Sandro Botticelli, (Sandro Botticelli, Alessandro Filipepi, 1445-1510) is the late 15th century Florence famous painter, the early European Renaissance Florentine finally a painter. He painted the virgin and child like very famous. The influence of the Netherlands, portrait, botticelli and portrait of the pioneers in Italy.
Chinese name Sandro Botticelli, foreign names Sandro Botticelli don't name Alessandro felipe skin countries was born in Italy Florence, Italy, date of birth On March 1, 1445 AD date of death On May 17, in 1510 AD career painters believed the Catholic church The main achievements Representative of the Florentine early
Portrait of the pioneers in Italy Representative work "spring", "the birth of Venus", the magi to the male gender
Five other works
Botticelli themselves (the right) into the painting
Sandro botticelli, formerly known as Alessandro Filipepi (in the mountain johndroe · felix wear leather), "botticelli" is his nickname, stage name, meaning "keg."
Potti cut in an Italian fiorentina craftsmen arm of middle-class families. First and Mr Marceau, the ancient ella study together, make gold and silver jewelry, and then become philippe, students, as the reward of the ripper, he has trained the son, philippe, parker. Botticelli often employed by the Medici family and their friends. These links with the political and cultural to his subject matter is very broad. In 1481, botticelli recruited to Roman painting murals, this is the only time he leave fiorentina painting outside. Botticelli is said to be from the 1490 s to follow "sand tile roller resistance" style, this in his later works reflected in the religious paintings, his late works less adornment flavour, but more of religious piety.
In the 1480 s and 90 s, botticelli Florence is one of the most famous artists.
Botticelli "Moses life"
Botticelli Moses life
He is clearly a religious humanist, full of secular spirit. In the painting in the late added many works depicting the classical mythology, ancient Greek and Roman mythology is the subject of quite a number of USES. Style elegant, beautiful, delicate and moving. Especially his use of the church against the pagan subjects, boldly draw naked man, had a great influence on later paintings. "Spring" and "the birth of Venus" is the most can reflect his painting style of representative works.
He was the last of the early European Renaissance Florentine artist.
Person's life editor
In 1470, he leave to open a personal, painting studio, the Medici family recognition, soon to him
Botticelli's giuliano DE Medici"
To order a large number of paintings. With powerful Medici family maintained good relations also give the painter political protection, and enjoys a favorable conditions for painting. In addition is also by this relationship, botticelli was able to come into contact with the society of Florence and literary and arts celebrities, contact all aspects of a variety of knowledge, broadened horizons, and laid his art crafted, gorgeous and colorful imprint themselves noble.
In the 1480 s and 90 s, wave cut of Florence's most famous artists. His style in the 19th century, has been vigorously promoting, and is considered to be the prelude to Raphael.
During the period of the Medici family came to power, botticelli as they performed many famous paintings, famous. In 1477 he to The poet's polly Ann to Venus long poems as The theme, as new purchase of lorenzo DE Medici villa mapped The famous "Spring" (The Allegory of Spring). The picture is and The Birth of Venus "(The Birth of Venus), become a botticelli's most famous two paintings in his life. Rome, murals for the Sistine chapel.
Completed in 1485, the birth of Venus "is another masterpiece of botticelli, is Greek mythology, on behalf of the goddess of love and beauty Venus was born from the sea scene, the painting style at the time of the painting is different, not emphasize chiaroscuro to show the human body modelling, and more emphasis on contour line, makes the body feel bas-relief, and very suitable for adornment effect. Images of the goddess of white skin, golden hair elegant, clear conscience is the embodiment of perfection; But the face but with a hint of sadness, lost and confused.
Botticelli painting works
Botticelli painting works
Between 1481 and 1482, some excellent master of Florence was [4], please go to Rome for creation of the Sistine chapel fresco, including botticelli and Angelo peruzzi's leader.
Changing social political situation, however, in 1492, Florence political upheaval, lauren's death, the Medici family was exiled, religious extremism, savona Laura in power. Botticelli was one of his followers, and once in the notorious "vanity bonfire" consumed too much of his own paintings. Perhaps because of this reason, botticelli's life was falling, old age poverty, can only rely on food stamps. In the last years of his life, he inward-looking, alone. In 1510, botticelli died in poverty and loneliness, buried in Florence "the saint" of the churchyard.
Personal works editor
Famous works
The name of the work
English names
The work s
"The three wise men pilgrimage"
Adorazione di tells
In 1475,
La Primavera
In 1477,
Madonnadel Magnificat
In 1481,
Venus and Mars"
Veneree Marte
In 1483,
"The birth of Venus"
Lanascitadi Venere
In 1487,
"The virgin led signs up for"
In 1490,
La Calunnia
In 1495,
The mysterious figure "nativity
In 1501,
"Pallas and Ken TaoLuoSi" in 1482
Art appreciation to edit
The summary of "spring"
Botticelli tempera "spring"
Now in Florence, Italy uffizi art (203 cm * 314 cm), 1476-1480 for fiorentina a noble mansion. Botticelli described the eternal spring, all this is very beautiful light. "In the painting of the performance skills, what music is to discourse."
Many poets in the history of praise god Venus. The Medici court poets wave Lizzie Arnold said: Venus stroll in the moonlight, as solemn as queen, as warm as spring breeze, she walked through the road, everything germination, flowers in full bloom. The mythical Venus is a symbol of beauty; Also is the embodiment of all the source of life. Botticelli's Venus was a goddess represents the source of life. Right picture is fengshen, god, he hugged spring spring and god was with god, and god to flowers decorate the earth with flowers; Picture standing among the goddess Venus, fly at her head start small arrow of Cupid of love; The right hand side of Venus is three beauty god dance hand in hand, they respectively symbol "beauty", "zhen shu" and "joy", brings to the world the joy of life; Images of the left is Zeus envoy mercury, he has a pair of scud, holding down the double snake the rod of peace, his gestures that immediate to disperse the haze of winter, descended to earth in the spring, flowers, wood for glory. This is a picture, the earth rejuvenation, the theme of the happy. 's characters in the picture, however, modal, the picture is not the atmosphere of joy, like a blowing a northwest wind in spring, shrouded in a layer of cold and sorrow; Thoughtful Venus, rides, he entered into his inner world; Three beautiful dance of god seems to be appointed to dance, have the feeling of take part in accidental amusement, the viewer. Since the Renaissance, humanism spirit into the literary and artistic creation, the artist often with the aid of the religious subject matter and the image of god, entrust themselves to society, nature and life of the mind, conveys his ideal, in botticelli shape artistic image, thus suggesting the panic of reality. The painter was sickly, medical nursing, created the artistic image of this kind of mood nature is sad. , Sandro botticelli, (Sandro Botticeli 1445-1510) was an Italian Renaissance painter. "Spring" in 1478, when he, 37, the peak of career.
"Spring" of materials
Works based on the time of the famous poet polly Ann's allegorical poem - an early spring morning,
Local - "spring" from the left spring of Venus god of god of wind
Dignified and charming in the graceful YaJing groves, the god of love and beauty Venus in the central, is quiet and tastefully laid out and the expression of idle waiting for the spring come held a grand ceremony. Her right hand, moving grace sisters wearing the veil of bao ruchan ala, bathed in sunshine, is working with dance - "beautiful" the world jewelry shining pearl, "youth" sheepishly turn my back, "happiness" twist waist happily, they will bring the joy of life to human. Their side is the gods angel - wearing a red dress, with a sword mercury, he waved the rod of god, is to dispel clouds in winter. On the left side of the Venus DE milo, flora, spring god with fengshen, wore a wreath, wearing a dress of the decoration of the flora, Luo Nazheng with beautiful and elegant striding hall, the flowers on the earth, and the symbol "nor, thousands of wooden honor" the natural season is coming. Covered her eyes, while flying above Venus Cupid shot his love golden arrow. The work shows the full
"The spring" local small Cupid
The joy of the spring image of the gods, that the praise of humanity, has a special aesthetic feeling. But in the grave and self-confident image, always unavoidably with the painter heart buried a nameless grief.
Botticelli's artistic achievement embodied in the style of the message, bright and beautiful, brilliant color, smooth light lines, and renew the serene poetic style, this style influenced generations of artists, is still sending out the charming brilliance.
"Spring" painting techniques
"Spring" from the painting techniques, because there is no use oil painting technique, which was popular in the flange del instead of traditional egg whites. Picture gorgeous adornment effect more strong. Caused by egg white can make the color after dry hard layer, is a kind of transparent color, so in this picture we can feel the close to the water pure, transparent effect.
"Spring" local - mercury and graces
In painting history, there are many works in spring, but still no picture can mention of the wavelengths, the "spring". Can say that this painting has a perfect expression of the spring beauty and art. Botticelli in this painting, the composition on the flat adornment gimmick, will be arranged a multitude of characters in the proper position. On a total of nine people a row from left to right, there is no overlap, thrust, and according to their different effects in painting, arranged for appropriate action. As the leading role of the goddess Venus the location a bit later than others. Screen like an unfolding drama, scenery is a dull brown with golden grove. Botticelli performance here is the Roman poet Mr Theo, the long poem "calendar" in describing the scene of spring.
From the right side of the picture to the left we see the past: west wind god saifu Mr Ross is full of passion drum as drifted into, chasing the fairy g Luo Li earth wire. His arrival, most the right side of the tree bent the waist, and also the fairy g Luo Li silk tried to get rid of the chase, of west wind god zephyr ultimately did not escape the embrace of god. G Luo Li silk mouth overflow the bright flowers, and fall. Floating in the flora fee Laura's body, form a beautiful coat, like nature, used to be a white piece of the earth, is already a flowers in a twinkling of an eye, vibrant. "Calendar" have this description: "I, former grams Luo Li silk, nowadays, people call me Laura." Botticelli here is in the form of painting, depicts the Mr Osborne of poetry. G Luo Li silk is the fairy of the earth, west wind god is the spring breeze. Spring breeze blowing, the flowers, beautiful flora was born. This process also shows the outline life road spring comes.
Picture left depicts three beautiful rosy clouds like fine gauze dancing spring, god in dancing hand in hand. This during the Renaissance is typical of female beauty, botticelli on image described them very much alike, and there are subtle differences. From left to right in three of the first beauty god dynamic range is the largest, loosely covered with hair, his chest with a chic brooch, clothes is luxuriant, inside and outside the ups and downs, the attitude shows her inner intense impulsive, these characteristics shows that she is the embodiment of "love". Instead the middle one, without any pretending, dress is extremely simple, solemn expression, there is no doubt that she is the embodiment of "pure". In plain and YaJing "pure" and luxuriant, enthusiasm "lust" contact, "beauty" was born. Three in the beauty of god, "pure" and "love", "pure" left shoulder clothes fall off frames, suggests that the temptation of love, the author here shows the awakening of love and beauty pursuit. Thus naturally led to the main character in the works, the embodiment of beauty and love goddess Venus. She is located in the middle of the two groups of characters, and a little higher. Fly in the Cupid's arrow just above on the "purity" of god. A painting by the spring, but it is also an acura Venus victory song of love.
The painting "spring", also known as "the prosperous time of Venus". In the medieval religious paintings, generally only the virgin Mary was arranged under the arch. Botticelli borrowed this form here, behind the Venus, botticelli using branches and the background sky tree consciously to set aside such an arch. Dark background trees, just be suddenly enlightened around her, highlight the position of Venus is leading role. She dresses in her left hand, right hand raised a little, good manners, elegant.

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