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What are the materials used in Chinese painting?
What are the materials used in Chinese painting?
The flower vase, cup, dish, mirror screen and other convenient Bridges, also have the calligraphy and painting production, the use of paint and the division of the law, but the principle of calligraphy and painting and the appreciation of obstinacy.
A posthumous child
The round mountains are round or oval, with little garden. But there is a silk book, a paper. The large fan of the ancient court, which is bigger than the oil painting, is very rare nowadays.
Folding fan
The mural
Today, people have painted large murals in tombs, caves, temples, palaces, etc. Many murals remain in the county.
The calligraphy is drawn on silk and silk fabric. It is called a silk book. Although there are many copies, the oil painting is easy to be eaten by the worm, but also has been damaged, but the paper is easier to make ends meet. The silk looks more valuable, but the background color is white. As a result of the silk painting, there are more martial arts, so the paper is free.
Silk scroll
Chinese painting and calligraphy can be written on paper, silk, silk, fan, ceramic, dish plate, mirror screen oil painting and other things, common have simplified Chinese characters several, the mural does not enter its column.
Chinese calligraphy and painting paper can be divided into two kinds, one is simple to be born under water, and the water is not easy to be exposed to water.
It's a good time to draw a little more detail so that you can carry it with you. But nowadays the world USES huge fan picture to make indoor oil painting outfit jewelry, be more practical than the ancients.
In addition to magnetic devices, such as calendar, lampshade, snuff bottles and even modern ties and clothing, they are also decorated with paintings and paintings, and are particularly prevalent and unique. The popular Christmas CARDS in the east are all over the place.
Round oil painting.
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