• Landscape with Shepherds and Flock of Sheep, c. 1763-65
  • Landscape with Shepherds and Flock of Sheep, c. 1763-65

Landscape with Shepherds and Flock of Sheep, c. 1763-65

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Artist Introduce:
Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806), French rococo painters. Born in the south of France, a merchant family, 6 years of age with his father moved to Paris, at the age of 15 into a lawyer's house as a apprentice, but he has no intention to become a lawyer and summer er Dan studio painting, and the impetuous youth of chardin's not interested in peace and simple painting subjects, hanging out with chardin's also felt that the students are busy art in Paris, good, nothing is impossible prodigal. In this case he left chardin's studio, when only 16 years old. He find that boucher powder bright attractive works when in boucher door, length 4 years, 20 years old housekeep, so acknowledged that aragorn was boucher students and the successor, at the age of 24, he won a scholarship to study for two years in a Roman college DE France royal, through investigation of historic Italian art, then carefully studied el polo masters such as achievement, 29 years old return to Paris, soon was elected a member of the Royal Academy of fine arts. In aragon, art is not only affected by boucher and Italian art, and from the north of the colour of Rubens and Rembrandt chiaroscuro, this enables him to have a foothold Yu Guangbo art essence, and finally formed its own unique artistic style.
Vlade gona's first wife, Mary - Anna hot vladimir radmanovic was a perfumer's daughter, voluntary to his studio painting when I was 17, begin to enter the gurna's life. Has the 38-year-old artist gradually has a love for her, and the girl got married in 1769. In 1773, with his wife at the invitation of the lattice francois travel to Italy, Austria and Germany. At the end of 1774 returned to Paris with his wife and a four-year-old daughter has been admitted to the Louvre in the studio. Living with a family, and his wife at the age of 13 sister Margaret's. Then the sister-in-law, gona king in also became a considerable achievements under the influence of the customs of the painter.
Vlade is gona, Francois Boucher (Francois Boucher, 1703-1770) of students, and constantly chardin's research, and has made significant progress. He also studied Italian, thirty-one after return to Paris, began his real creative activities; His work practices as well as a wide variety, uninhibited and artificially drawn, also has carefully carefully describe. In 1752 as "a hot rob god, offering a drawing prize of Rome. To Rome into the college DE France from 1756 to 1761, after returning from a history painting "LeiZuoSi and kali loro e" won the high praise, and was admitted to the royal institute academician. Masterpiece washerwoman ", "the holy farmer priest", etc., rich strong life breath, color and strokes bold and unrestrained, flexible board is the most outstanding painting "swing". Used properly, the change of light and shade with delicate touches, paint the courtyard and the beauty of the forest, very clever. It's fine lines, have a kind of an morbid charm, colour quietly elegant, too. , gona king from this kind of performance, although is the talent of artists, but he is a little theme is not serious. From down to up looking are playing on the swing a lady of her young aristocrat, perhaps at the time was not reproach, but today, it seems, at the risk of frivolous floating thin quite. This can only think, gona to noble frivolous style. If watteau rococo painter is good, then you have to say, gona, has a rococo presented floating evil qi, it is because of this, it should be said that he was of the rococo. In short, gona king boucher and are fully shows the light bright Louis dynasty nobles, dame luxury life, emotion and interest hobby. In his writing with a new classicism, such as "the fountain of love" and so on. , gona "bath female" composition of abrupt, has seemed to sharply with the clouds, trees and rivers in rotation, chic and attractive. "Boolean waterfall" is the sole, caused by the strong light on the roof terrace clothes little flash and rich administrative levels, and even can be compared with two centuries of landscape painting. However, vlade gona best or portrait, large pieces of thick color, and the traditional dancing of the brush technique. Diderot, read ", "the dancer gemma, such as painting, is still in its natural and unrestrained and popular.

  • Landscape with Shepherds and Flock of Sheep, c. 1763-65
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