• Virgil reading to Augustus, 1812
  • Virgil reading to Augustus, 1812

Virgil reading to Augustus, 1812

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Artist Introduce:
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1780-1867), was born in France montolivo bond (Montauban), painter. Father will develop his interest in art since childhood, at that time, he is very keen on the pursuit of primitivism. Because of his hard-working, serious, 17-year-old Angle is already a very good painter. At that time David was chief painter to napoleon. 1834-1841, he again go to Rome, deeply studied the work of great masters of the Renaissance Italian classical, particularly prized rafael sancy. After victor and Italian classical tradition education, Angle more profound understanding of the laws of classical when victor after Belgium exile, he will become the flag bearer for the French neoclassical, and romanticism.
People experience
Was born on August 29, 1780, montolivo, his father Joseph Angle is list of royal MeiShuYuan, mother is the daughter of the palace wig division.
1786 Angle by his father into the church school.
Into the Toulouse school of fine arts in 1791.
Act as the band in 1793-1796. Angle in order to reduce the family burden, in Toulouse theatre band act as second violinist.
Ingres came to Paris in 1797, entered the neoclassical master victor's studio, outstanding achievements.
China oil painting department of fine arts in 1799;
In 1801 as "the angel of Agamemnon in Rome award a painting.
He met in Paris in 1805 and a sheriff
Bath female (The Valpincon Bather) in 1808
Home, created a "lady like" in ".
In 1806-1820 study, creation, and work in Rome.
Move to Florence in 1820, received a large number of portraits of customize;
In 1824 on display in France vows of Louis xiii, was praised by the official. That same year, open my own school in Paris.
In 1825 was elected member of the royal MeiShuYuan.
As roma, dean of the college DE France in 1835-1841.
Once again return to Rome in 1835, created a series of portrait sketch and oil painting;
Back to Paris in 1841, continue to create more masterpiece
1856 symbol "lofty observant and solemn beauty" the most outstanding works of the birth of the "spring", marks the Angle of art at the height of splendor.
Montolivo list in 1863, given his golden crown.
On January 14, 1867, pneumonia, died in Paris at the age of 87.
School of struggle
Charles marr Kurt
As a representative of the 19 th-century neoclassical, he represents the conservative academic, with the emerging of the romantic painting, school of forming sharp struggle. Angle is not hard to copy the style of the ancient masters, he is good at grasping the model of classical art beauty, melting the classic beauty in nature. He got from classical beauty a concise and simple style, always to winkelmann "great delivery, high pure" as a principle. His paintings absorbed in the 15th century Italian painting, ancient Greek pottery decorative painting, such as art, drawing finished, take the line model, especially good at portraits. On the specific skills, "our line is clean and smooth modelling", so almost every painting to do rigorous composition, color pure, elegant image, especially to reflect his performance in a series of paintings of the human body beauty, such as the "spring", "big palace maid", "the tile flat loose bath female", "the Turkish bath", etc. "Lady" portrait "in 1805, ingres finished one lady in the" d "portrait", the portrait in colour respect is also undoubtedly's masterpieces. Even color like Mosaic harmoniously together, color according to the form, with some ups and downs cues, but without resorting to the shadow. Body and taking ivory white highlight, composed by light part of the picture, the sofa of blue comprise the Shadowed side of the picture. These two colors have been incorporated into the black background. The little change of red, and yellow is harmless to the overall effect. Personality and simple expression, light and shade, and simple - to make the portrait that was all don't have a elegant taste. The work on display in the salon in 1806, but its "unique, revolution, gothic" style attracted many critics of anger. Afterwards, ingres went to Italy, then flatter the Florence drawing in the 15th century, the goal is to improve their own style to the level of the Renaissance and reform the painting. He once said: "art in the early stage of development that in the rough, as its basis, sometimes is better than into perfection of art." At that time he was deeply attracted by the art of the middle ages.
Start a school
"Miss Caroline weiler in portrait
Angle in 1824 opened their school in Paris, the pursuit of primitivism of young people towards him. Pursuit of forthright and purity of the original style, the religious paintings as a favorite genre, interest in medieval and Renaissance times, he thought that make art sound way is by the greeks and rafael sancy (Raphael Santi, 1483-1520) to study the nature, pay attention to the details of characterization, and mainly to line is clean and smooth shape, he emphasized the beauty of pure and indifference, that is the art of and connection between opposite view. On the attitude towards the ancient Greek, Angle is invested more emotion and enthusiasm.
Ingres reputation heyday, are facing the end it is classical, romantic of the rise of age, his romanticism and new representative Draco ROM happened many times debate between tile, the romantic emphasis on the use of color, classical, it focuses on the complete and composition of contour is rigorous, Angle control to all sorts of style of the new students of the academy of fine arts, formed an academic style.
Ingres enjoy great reputation, buried after the death of the famous priest lachaise cemetery in Paris.
The beauty of the Angle of the nude
Angle (1780-1867), is the world famous paintings, aesthetic theorist and educator, in 80 the creation of the career, he pursuit in art practice on the road of his own ideal, and creation, left a rich artistic heritage; He attaches great importance to cultivate the students' observing ability, emphasize the training of painting base, developed a series of academic schooled by classical principles. Angle, on the other hand, the conservative and reactionary and which are rarely seen in history, his extreme hatred revolution, declared himself does not belong to this era of rebel; He chided undermines progress art form, they are "junk honky-tonk, an idle art".
In 1780, Angle, was born in a generation family of academician of academy of fine arts of painting and grew up with a good artistic edification. 9, small Angle on the sketch show amazing talent, a few pen can vividly in a portrait of the home to the guests, his father sent him to a few famous place for further study, thus laid a solid knowledge of the painting language.
Ingres came to Paris when I was 17, met here road of art teacher David influenced his life. To begin with David on this in the future are not interested in a protege, after he was plain gentleman's style to the heroism as creed of mentor. Ingres unusually smart, he wasn't eager to change the style, but outside the teacher added some of the elements, at the age of 21 of the flow of aqaba, the angel of the reception of Agamemnon "(scene in the Iliad: Greek commander-in-chief Agamemnon to the hero of aqaba, apologize, send beauty lobola and please him fight) to David for him sit up and take notice, and obtained the opportunity to learn to Rome, but in fact he didn't go to Italy to study, 26. He constantly send home work of internal exhibited at the salon, David pleasantly surprised to see the students more close to the classical, and excited to find a successor. 44 years old, when ingres returned to Paris, he was recognized as classical general.
France at that time, and even the whole Europe, classical anti-mugabe, David has been in exile in Belgium, another of his disciples was also free from the classical. After he returned from Angle, no doubt, the prestige of the classical dying, classics become a magic weapon to deal with the emerging of romantic.
From David to the Angle, it is warm, vivid revolution to the rigid classical, empty school classical metamorphosis, Angle backing out of the popularity of art of the teacher, to become followers of classical style. Angle on the surface of apolitical, actual with its own brush for the restoration whitewashes it. Got the official oath of Louis xiii warmly appreciated the strong criticism of public opinion and revolution, and because of that Angle of a license from the bourbon title of "honorary bianconeri knight", the next year and was elected a member of the Royal Academy of fine arts. However, in a whirl of lay particular stress on archaeological duties, he was unable to "hang", in a pet returned to Rome (during the period of Italy, Rome, he was appointed ambassador to France, dean of the Royal Academy of fine arts), it was not until the 61 - year - old home.
Ingres life yearning is classical, the pursuit of classical ideal quiet solemn beauty, as the highest pursuit of his art. Classical emphasizes the accuracy of the model, this Angle done more extreme than his teacher, I go one chair one content must go carve, is certainly more beautiful modelling, image is more rigid. In the form of excellence at the same time, the content from David realistic themes into pure Greek and Roman is the point, be out of pure pursuit of art, and "pace at odds with The Times" as the later black sheep denounce his main fodder. "Golden age" (also be called "lazy beauty group"), it is difficult to from the paradise of happiness (the ancient Greek history can be divided into "gold, silver, bronze, black iron" four times) of the carefree young men and women saw David the powerful qi, instead, the modelling is very exquisite outside of rational portrayal of beauty.

  • Virgil reading to Augustus, 1812
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